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The Blueprint Transfiguration Protocol provides the knowledge and skills to permanently alter your genetic expression from the quantum levels of reality out to the physical, so as to heal your body, master your mind and transform your life into the highest expression that you can imagine, and more...



Blueprint Transfiguration


It is not evident, when we observe our body and our life, that both of these fundamental elements of our personal experience are determined by what is happening on the quantum levels of reality.

Most people are unaware that their 'life' is a projection of what is coded within their DNA; not only the form of the body but the form of our outward experience too.

By comprehending these profound truths, we position ourselves in such a way that we can begin to take control over our life on a completely different level; from one in which we are truly empowered to make the changes that we desire to take place.

This high-level skill requires training.

The Blueprint Transfiguration Protocol provides the knowledge and skill set to identify quantum wave signatures within the Light Body through which distortions are manifesting into the life experience.

By identifying the distortions, and with the correct protocol, these can be transmuted permanently resulting in a change in genetic expression thereby healing of the body/mind and subsequent change in the outward manifestation of life events.

Learning such skills and becoming proficient with them is the focus of this program.

NOTICE: This program is not yet available. If you are interested to participate, be sure to subscribe to the elist so that you can be notified when it becomes available.

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