The EXPEDITED GENETIC ACTIVATION Program is a revolutionary genetic restoration and bioregenesis protocol that facilitates accelerated holistic mind-body-spirit integration for self healing and actualization.

 The program is delivered over 4 sessions spaced 1-2 weeks apart through which the highest priority auric attachments, karmic imprints, unnatural seals and frequency fence energetic blockages are permanently removed from your multi-dimensional anatomy and Light Body.


Following Blockage Removal, your genetic template; the blueprint through which your physical body, physiology and external 'life' reality field manifests, is activated to its highest energy holding potential and realigned with your original Divine Blueprint.


The process through which this takes place is through the use of sacred geometrical codes, provided and guided by the Masters of Light & Wisdom, in addition to the use of Cosmic Rays which set a primordial frequency tone within the genetic imprint, resonating the electromagnetic layers of the DNA into higher alignment with the perfected Universal Order.


The result is greatly expedited personal healing and consciousness expansion as new higher frequency energies begin to flow into your mind-body system.   

Next Session Will Take Place On:

Saturday 11th July

4pm AEST

Single Session Investment:


Full Schedule (4 sessions)


($100 reduced)

If you have been significantly impacted by the Covid-19 lockdown and are experiencing financial hardship, you may opt for a reduced investment rate below. Please note this will not be externally monitored and therefore integrity is requested. 

Covid-19 Compassion Relief:


(per session)