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The Golden DNA Activation is a unique quantum healing service that can not be appreciated without an understanding of what it is, from where it has come and what it offers. These are profound and complex subjects and so I have created a 2-part webinar to explain this in addition to providing critical knowledge relating to the human race:

  • How our genetic code works on a multi-dimensional level

  • What we need to do to regenerate our genetic code and how to most effectively achieve this

  • Why this is the most powerful thing we can do for oursleves and the collective at this point in humanities evolution

  • 5 of the most foundational elements anent to the development of highest human potential

  • How you can achieve this for yourself most effectively

  • A treasure-trove of authentic sources through which you can deepen your understanding of self and others

Warm regards,




Register for the Golden DNA Activation beginning on Saturday 6th February 2021:

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