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The Lightning Path Online class provides a means for non-local participation in this profound process of self-transformation. Participants may share any challenges arising and have them addressed both in philosophical understanding and energetic resolution. Via 'Distant Healing' energy transmission problems are resolved and pathways of progress open up 

Class Duration: 2.5 hours

Location: Online

Class Investment:

$108 AUD

Next Class Date:

14th February

7pm AEST





During the first half of this class, we discuss challenges that are arising in the personal and collective reality field. Participants may share or contribute to this as they wish. Whichever challenges are seen to be arising, we address not only philosophically, but energetically also; clearing the related connections on the quantum levels and bringing awareness to the surrounding situation so as to reduce the chance of recreating any similar difficulty.


With this Practise, which is the process of self-restoration, there are some 'big' things that require further attention and deeper self-inquiry to master. These things too, we continue to address until each element is mastered and we can move on to other things.

Each person in the class learns how to clear their own energy field so as to avoid getting caught up in repetitive karmic patterns that stagnate progress. Following the energy clearings one's life/reality field changes as the corresponding magnetic fields release and a new experience is attracted.  

During the second half of the class we move through direct energy transmission and assimilation (45 mins) which works on the deep core levels clearing any subconscious blockages and regenerating and restoring any areas of the mind-body system that are not functioning at their highest potential.

Following this class, energetic changes that have been made flow naturally into one's life-stream of events in the coming days and weeks enabling the opportunity to 'put into practise' the new insights and master forthcoming challenges so that new learning can be moved on to.

This class will transform your life in an unlimited way.

There is no end to this potential.



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