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Emotional Reactions, TIME & Repeating Your Past

Are you still having emotional reactions?

Did anyone ever explain WHAT that actually IS; how it takes place and what that means for your life experience? If you would like to learn more about this read on...

To understand emotional reactions more deeply, it is helpful to first understand how our personal reality is happening and also what TIME is and how it works. These are profound concepts to be contemplating so it is no easy task to convey this concisely in written form. I assure you that it will be a valuable dive into the self however, so here we go:

We live in a multi-dimensional universe although we physically exist in '3D'. That is to say, that our physical body travels through 3 spacial dimensions: Forward / backward, left / right and up / down.

As we move around (or remain still) within the spacial reality of the 3-dimensional world, our senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch) are picking up information from the environment and feeding this into the brain where we have our INTERPRETATION.

Interpretation means that our perception of our current experience is passing through our BELIEF SYSTEM and subconscious imprints which may trigger a response within the limbic system or emotional brain (mid-brain).

So, if we are still EMOTIONALLY REACTING to the environment; no matter what the experience contains, we can know that we are carrying distortions in either: 1) Our belief system or 2) Our subconscious If our belief system is not in alignment with REALITY then we will find that we are REACTING often. If it IS in alignment with reality, then we will find that we are not reacting at all; we remain in peace no matter what is happening. We are able to do this, because we are not REJECTING reality as it arrives in the moment that is here and now (the only point of existence). This brings us to the concept of TIME. Time, is the movement of our consciousness as it traverses dimensional space. In other words; as our CONSCIOUSNESS moves through the unified field of ENERGY that we perceive as the 'environment', we are INTEGRATING our consciousness with the energy field; photon by photon (visually); vibration by vibration (sound) etc and this is all occurring within the brain. As these elements are integrated, we have a perception of a movement 'forward' which is called TIME.

We could say then, that our integrating experience is like a great ZIPPER with one side being our CONSCIOUSNESS and the other side being the ENERGY of the environment.

As we pass through the moment that is NOW our interpretation and subsequent RESPONSE (or reaction) is happening at the location of the 'slider' that is merging either side.

AFTER the experience has occurred, the ZIP line of experience (consciousness and energy woven together) is either perfectly integrated and all the little pieces of the zip are woven together, or there is a DISTURBANCE and emotional reaction resulting in one of the little zip pieces diverting and not merging with the other side.

In this case there is a HOLE in the zip and although it might come together at a later point (when we 'calm down'); within the integrated experience which now becomes part of the subconscious, there is still some pieces that are out of place...

Can you see how this might become a problem?

How many emotional reactions have you had in the past?

For every 'hole in the zip' these all contribute to our current level of emotional disturbance and subconscious stress.

People might to go to a PSYCHOLOGIST to talk about their 'issues' and this may develop a theoretical understanding (within the mental body) of why they feel the way that they do, but unless either side of the zip is woven back together and the original experience (now in the 'past') integrated properly, this distortion will continue to impact how we feel in the NOW from the subconscious mind.... If you have read this far, you will not only have a better idea of how your mind and experience takes place, but you will also have a better understanding of what we do in the LIGHTNING PATH ONLINE classes.

This is essentially what we do: 1) We identify and CLEAR these subconscious distortions ('energetic blockages') and; 2) Weave in the correct sequence of energy on the light field level, that aligns the cellular memory and energetic pattern (subconscious) that has been recorded into your genetics over time. As a result of this, the associated disturbance SUBSIDES and you are able to walk through the world in a consistently non-reactive, calm and focused state. The build up of the past has been dissolved. This is ESSENTIAL if you want to create your own reality effectively, or in other words; if you want to be empowered. If you cannot DO THIS (create the reality you desire) you will find that OTHER PEOPLE'S reality dominates you, which is a recipe for ongoing frustration, misery and non-fulfillment. In the Lightning Path Online Class I help people to better understand this process cognitively too and give everyone in the class a TOOL to address this themselves and further develop this skill. If you want to become 'BULLETPROOF' to what other people say and do so that you can remain constructively focused on your highest potential, join me for the next Lightning Path Online Class and see how this can work for you.


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