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Autonomic Calibration

This session involves a combination of trigger point therapy, neuromuscular release, and neurological balancing resulting in a permanent shift in autonomic nervous system.

As this shift takes place, higher regenerative physiological processes within the body begin to restore resulting in:

  • Higher energy

  • Reduced stress

  • Greater clarity & awareness

  • Heightened enjoyment of life

  • Enhanced spinal mobility

  • Reduced pain

  • Elevated organ health

  • A healthy paradigm change

  • And more

Time required:



$180.00 AUD


Autonomic Calibration


Ordinarily in this fast paced world, it is typical that people are operating mainly from their sympathetic nervous system; more commonly known as the 'Fight or Flight' system of the body.

The sympathetic nervous system stimulates physiological changes within the body, affecting the mind, including:

  • Mobilizing energy to meet situational demands

  • Diverting blood away from the digestive tract and toward the muscular system to 'take action'

  • Enlargement of pupils and heightened alertness

  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure

  • Increased cortisol (stress hormone) release into blood stream

  • Catabolic (breaking down) biochemical changes within the body

Whilst these changes are helpful in dealing with acute emergencies, if you become stuck in this mode of functioning due to the long term effects of a demanding life, your body (thereby mind) can experience accelerated degeneration resulting in increased dysfunction, suffering, illness and even disease.

To remain healthy, energized and functional it is essential that we consistently bring our nervous system back into the parasympathetic division ('rest and digest') so that our body and mind are able to recover from demanding activity and restore the various elements that enable regeneration. These include:

  • Diversion of blood flow to the digestive processes

  • Conservation of energy

  • Reduced heart rate and blood pressure

  • Calmness of mind and peaceful state of being

  • Relaxation of the body

  • Anabolic (building up) biochemical activity

  • Cellular regeneration and repair

The Autonomic Calibration session facilitates all of the above processes at an expedited rate resulting in an immediate shift in autonomic balance.*

*Please note:

If you have been living in a sympathetic-based 'fight or flight' state for a long time, these changes can be quite dramatic resulting in the need for an immediate deep recovery period wherein the adrenal glands and deeper energetic reserves are significantly restored. It is advisable to not undertake 'work' or demanding activity during the 24-hour (+) period of system restoration following this session.


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