•  Go over the reasons WHY people are not waking up

  • Discuss what we can do to best support others through awakening

  • HARMONISE our collective energy field to the highest possible functioning state

  • CLEAR the source of discord, conflict, resistance, cognitive dissonance and fear associated with current events*

  • CLEAR the source of any self-sabotage, overwhelm, confusion and procrastination*

  • CLEAR the Highest Priority Race Karmic Imprints that are inhibiting awakening**

  • FACILITATE Third Eye Opening for higher soul contact and guidance

  • DOWNLOAD the necessary energies and information to attain HIGHER CLARITY about the next steps that are required of us

  • DOWNLOAD the highest wisdom available to us in relation to personal and collective conduct

  • ASSIMILATE all that has been achieved through a completion meditation

* These clearings will be undertaken for not only all attendees but all family members, friends and loved ones of each person in attendance

** This clearing will be directed to everyone in the world via the Planetary Energy Grids


How to facilitate these clearings on other people so that you can impact them in a positive way from a distance without having to talk with them


Each person attending will receive 2 Quantum Energy Healing Codes to work with ongoing 

Webinar Begins

on the

10th of October


10am AEST

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Who Is Your Host?

Jake Sole has been working in the field of Health, Fitness and Wellbeing for almost 20 years.

Whilst working with his clients to develop their physical body to the desired state Jake became aware that there was 'more to it' than just the physical. He found that exercise and  a 'good diet' were simply not getting the result people were after.

It was at this point (2005) that he began searching for the hidden answers of bodily transformation whereby he came to realize that - just as the ancient cultures of the world had always spoken of - there is a hidden dimension to life and that the mind and subtle energy of each person plays a fundamental role in our health, function and behaviour.

Shortly thereafter Jake became initiated into the ancient practise of Kriya Yoga (via both Marshall Govindan and Paramahamsa Prajnanananda lineages), and became a student at Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. Jake came under the direct tutorage of the sole heir of an ancient dynasty of Neigong Masters; Grand Master Yang.

Jake learned from Swami Shivananda Brahmananda, Swami Amenanda and the Founder of the Silver Violet Maitri Swami Order: Swami Amarananda.

By 2008 Jake attained Pranic Fire Awakening in his sushumna channel and has since continued on to experience progressively higher states of consciousness through the infusion of the Vital Force with the heart and brain.

Jake now assists others to come into their own Self Mastery; attaining control over their mind, their subtle energies and subsequent reality experience through remote activations and healings, online classes and courses and a local (Sydney) Deep Practise Advanced Group.

Past Webinars

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