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Overcoming Tyranny Through

Energy Field Mastery


Date: Tuesday, 27th of September

Time: 7:00pm AEST

At this critical time in history, when power is being abused like never before as global governments align themselves with soulless corporate interests from the private sector and centralized economic models to institute total domination over the populations they supposedly represent, it is imperative that people understand HOW their power is being taken away and specifically how to take it back...

In the webinar we will cut to the core issue that relates to everyone in a simple and comprehensible way; providing you with the real solutions

You will learn:

  • Where your power truly comes from and how this has been hidden in plain sight; even within the Vatican, throughout history by mystery school occultists

  • The process by which you create your reality and attract certain events and experiences into your life

  • The bio-spiritual and physiological processes that must be mastered if you wish to take your power back (thereby overcoming anger, frustration and stagnation)

  • Specifically how the energy and identity of abuse of power has been imprinted into your energy field over the course of your life

  • How to REMOVE all karmic imprints that keep you in conflict with the world (thereby; endless struggle and drama)

  • The only way that we can win the Spiritual War  that has now overtly broken out into the '3D realms' of earth for all to see

We will also be facilitating Energetic Clearings and DNA Activations for all participants including:

  • Removing all malevolent discarnate or non-physical entities from the collective energy field

  • Clearing the highest priority karmic imprints relating to fear, oppression, tyranny and victimization

  • Absolving toxic energetic residue relating to taking the covid vaccines or being around people who are 'shedding' this (most empaths and light-workers soak this up like a sponge)

  • Downloading higher operational coding from your soul blueprint for accelerated integration and ascension of body and mind

With love and respect,

Jake & Neil

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Overcoming Tyranny Through Energy Field Mastery
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