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Mastering Energy Vampires,

Parasites & Vital Energy Leaks

Date: Tuesday, 8th of March

Time: 7:00pm AEDT

In the webinar we will cover....

  • The universal CAUSE of vitality drain and associated methods of manipulation

  • The 3 PRIMARY LEVELS that Energy Vampires & parasites work from to drain your life current

  • Different types of Energy Vampires & parasites

  • Signs and symptoms that you are currently being drained

  • The worst areas most likely to result in energetic connections being formed that will drain you

  • Specifically HOW the energy is drained from your system

  • Consequences associated with long-term vital energy drain

  • Why this is one of the BIGGEST PROBLEMS that we face as both individuals and society & how this issue connects into our global governance

  • Different types of invisible Auric Attachments that siphon your energy without your conscious awareness


  • What life may look like when we achieve this level of civilization

  • What WE CAN DO NOW to resolve the issue and empower ourselves

At the end of the webinar we are also going to do a collective Energy Field Clearing and Protective Field Calibration to prevent draining attachments from hooking into your system.

I will also offer a special protocol that you can utilize each day to efficiently dislodge any energy parasites and calibrate your own field into universal atonement.

Looking forward to seeing you on the webinar!

Much love and respect,

Jake Sole

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