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Remaining Focused In A Multi-Dimensional War Webinar

During this webinar, Jake and Nate will be discussing the various known and unknown; seen and unseen influences that impact upon our mind, energy, mood and state of being in each moment.

This knowledge is critical for the full empowerment of humanity whom for the most part are oblivious to the most malevolent influences that hide behind a cloak of mystery; beyond the ordinary sensory view.

Join us as we go into detail about what these influences are and how you can protect yourself from them whilst opening up your Higher Senses to embody yourself as a Sovereign Being.

In the webinar you will learn about:

  • The multi-dimensional nature of our universe and where we are placed within that

  • How your mind is comprised of multiple layers of consciousness

  • How your consciousness connects to your brain and body resulting in your behaviour

  • How your choices are being influenced by unseen benevolent and malevolent forces

  • Why it is so critical to develop Energy Field Mastery to avoid being manipulated

  • How to tell the deference between malevolent and benevolent influences

  • Why this skill-set is critical to the fate of the planet and civilization

Additionally, each person attending this webinar will receive an experiential Energy Field Clearing AND be instructed and given the tools to undertake this for themselves...

Webinar Date: 21st November

Time: 7pm AEST

During the webinar we will be undertaking a mass Quantum Healing session and Group Meditation to address some of the issues discussed in the webinar on a planetary level.

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