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To facilitate the fundamental restoration of the human mind-body-spirit system so as to enable each individual within the collective to attain their highest potential thereby contributing their most beneficial service to humanity as a whole


  • Restore the physical and physiological function of each person within society enabling higher systemic human performance and well-being on all levels

  • Assist humanity to establish higher levels of mental and emotional control thereby reducing suffering whilst promoting enhanced productivity and enjoyment

  • Facilitate the healing and regeneration of each individual's energy body so as to lighten the heart, elevate joyfulness and peace and dissolve disease, dysfunction and illness

  • Support the emergence of essential soul qualities inherent to each individual thereby stimulating intrinsic drive toward beneficial societal contribution resulting in deep fulfillment and greater collective harmony and progress

  • Reform the collective masculine archetype to one of benevolent authenticity and responsibility toward the protection, care and true empowerment of woman and children

  • Return the knowledge of human origins and history to all whom seek to know it promoting egalitarian paradigms of co-creative respect, honour and integrity

  • Encourage the release of suppressed technologies in the fields of free energy, healing, ecological restoration, space travel and more

  • Prepare humanity for intra-terrestrial and extra-terrestrial interstellar contact

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Jake Sole has been in the field of health, wellbeing and personal development for 20 years. He is a qualified and experienced personal trainer, holistic wellbeing coach, speaker & presenter and Neigong Master.


Jake has created and designed many courses and programs relating to the holistic regeneration or the human mind-body-spirit system and maintains classes, coaching services and personal healing sessions both locally in Sydney, Australia and online.


You can contact him here: