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Brain Restoration


During the Brain Restoration Private Healing Session specific pressure points around the cranium, atlas & axis joints (where the skull meets the spine) and musculature surrounding the neck are activated to reset the cycling rate of the central nervous system.

From this place of renewed relaxation the system opens up to receive direct energy infusion into the primary cerebrospinal energy centers of the head, throat and heart. These energy centers are of course related to the function of the brain in general but also the management of all other systems within the body.

Specifically, the pituitary, pineal, thyroid and thymus glands are all restored, revitalised and activated to their highest current operational potential.

Dormant higher brain centers are awakened through the direct infusion of quantum fuel sources otherwise not received by the common person during daily life.

The combination of neurological and endocrine restoration, quantum activation and direct release of any myofascial or deep muscular tension in the neck and upper back results in a complete 'resetting' of the central nervous system and thereby; renewed functioning of all body systems.

Your entire mind-body system will be upgraded permanently through this session.

This unique private healing session involves a complete resetting of all body systems into a higher operational state. The brain neurological and glandular systems are significantly stimulated on all; energetic, physiological and physical levels resulting in a renewed and enhanced system.

Investment: $300.00 AUD

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