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Cosmic Inheritance

This program represents the inter-galactic, trans-dimensional heritage that human beings carry within our genetic code


As a synthesis of Cosmic Knowledge contributed by various enlightened Star Races, the human gene-code contains latent unlimited potential through which all mortal limitations can be transcended.

At a critical time in our collective evolutionary journey, where malevolent forces are doing all that they can to prevent us from making a Quantum Leap into the long-prophesied 'New World' of peace, brother/sisterhood, abundance and enlightenment, it has never been more important that people 'stand up' to awaken this potential within themselves; becoming Way Showers to others whom can thereby follow the Path into true freedom.

Cosmic Inheritance grounds the most pertinent, refined and empowering knowledge, concisely delivered, to activate the immortal potential within all sincere participants who are willing to make the necessary sacrifices and take action to fulfill this invaluable role.

If you 'feel the call' read on for further details... 

Covered in the program:

  • Creation Mechanics & the Universal Design

  • Pre-Ancient History & the Fall In Consciousness

  • Keylontic, Morphogentic Science

  • The Multi-Dimensional Human Being, Energetic Fields & Chakras

  • Bio-Spiritual Evolution

  • The Human Brain, Manifestation & Experiential Reality

  • DNA, Holographic Fields, Time-Space & Energy Field Mastery

  • The Inner Battle & Self-Mastery

  • Yoga Proper

  • Samadhi, Direct Perception & Cosmic Knowledge

  • Initiation & Natural Resonance

  • Gods, Gurus, Siddhas & Siddhis

  • Contemporary Challenges

  • The Plan of the Dark & Light Forces

  • How to Embody Your Soul-Mission

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This program is not an academic endeavor. It is an Initiation. All participants will be exposed to transformational, life-changing knowledge and receive corresponding Genetic Activations with the support to ensure successful integration.

Concurrent to the assimilation of this knowledge, the Academy of Masters will form, through which all participants will be in contact with each other, have ongoing coherent support and access to the program facilitators through private forum. This is an important component as the integration takes place, day by day, and new challenges arise.

In addition to the program material outlined above, there will be a series of webinars through which the knowledge will be assimilated more deeply, energetic blockages removed and new light activated into the morphogenetic field of all involved.

All participants will learn how to master their energy field; removing any disharmonious connections and integrating the Higher Light Fields through which the descent of 'Heaven' (higher dimensional fields existing in divine harmony, unlimited abundance and the perpetual joy of ever-new ascending evolution) will take place.

Masters completing this program will have the opportunity to become Transfiguration Coaches and Quantum Healers using the Transfiguration Codes in addition to birthing into a new breed of human being; one that can and will change the direction of the planet.

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