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Modern society is intrinsically aware of the importance of personal hygiene, with most people taking showers at least once per day. We are aware of the fact that our physical body, our clothes, bed sheets and surroundings often need to be cleaned, wiped down and restored to a comfortable and respectable standard.

It is interesting to note therefore, that many of the people who pay great attention to organising their outer world and appearance, pay little to NO attention to their inner world and the corresponding organisation and cleaning required there. People who do not do 'inner house cleaning' do not generally realise how much this influence is impacting their energy, mood, focus and relationships.

Our personal energy field connects with everything that we place our attention upon and thereby can easily become 'dirty' or infected without us even realising that it has happened.

It is critical to not only our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, but also our destiny, that we cleanse our energy field regularly to keep ourselves feeling healthy, vitalized, calm and constructively focused.

Further Information:


If you have ever walked around in a white outfit before, you will be aware of how easy it is to unknowingly get a mark or stain upon it. Your energy field is a lot easier to get a mark or stain upon it than your physical clothing because it 'touches' everything that your mind wanders to throughout the day. With between 6000-60'000 thoughts a day for an average person, that is a lot of potentially dirty floor space to drag the mop of your mind across!

'Marks and stains' however are the least of your concerns when it comes to your energy field. Within a week or so, even within a day, it is possible to fragment your energy field in so many ways that your emotions become like a roller-coaster and your mind is helplessly scattered to the extent that you can't focus on what you need to do; nor do you feel motivated to do this.


Unbeknownst to most people, the majority of strife, distress, frustration, fatigue, exhaustion and sadness they experience is due to having energetic connections or distortions that are draining their vitality and fragmenting the mind.


This session is about a lot more than just cleaning up your energy field however. It is also about connecting to the most highly refined cosmic energies in the universe so that you can attune your genetic structure to its highest potential. As your personal energies are harmonized and highly attuned, you will find that your life transforms into the most remarkable process of continued advancement wherein boredom and stagnation become a thing of the past.


By activating your potential you can live the most fulfilling and rewarding life and it all starts with learning to look after your personal energy field.

Investment Includes:

  • Quick Cleanse & Alignment Session (30mins)

  • Deep Energy Field Cleansing & Spirit Body Attunement (60-90 mins)


Through the guidance provided in this powerful quantum healing session you will learn to work with subtle energies to rapidly clear your energy field, pick yourself up out of any mood and refocus yourself upon your highest potential

Session Investment:

$144 AUD

Session Feedback:

It was absolutely beautiful, the energy intensified the further into the session we got & at the end I felt like I was floating in an electric sea and could feel the waves flow through me from right to left & I was physically rocking. I had such a good sleep and woke with overwhelming peace, gratitude & an open heart. Working with Jake is like nothing I have ever experienced, mind blowing 🙏


Man that session was intense. I've never experienced anything like it. Full on body sensations and felt really heavy afterwards. Have noticed a huge difference in my mood and mental clarity since too. So glad I did it


Epic electricity, heat, power. Picked me up after an intense workout. Sensitivity through the roof. Mahalo, so grateful so blessed 🙏


Peace swept through me


Powerful stuff! Felt waves of heat, tingling and vibration all over. Was seated on the floor and felt my body rocking and circling around like a pendulum a fair bit. And the timing for the session was spot on too with everything going on on a personal level and on the meso and macro levels. Jake is incredible!


I am so so grateful for the experience 🙏 💖 💛


So powerful when we tapped into the Earth’s Soul Core. I was laughing, shaking and heating up at the same time. Tonight was another level though, reaching a peace and inner calm I’ve never felt before. There was this incredibly deep vibration though my body in slow waves of sound, like echoes of creation…or something like that. Jake is the man!


Intensely powerful. My body was vibrating and I felt a depth of peace and bliss I’ve never experienced. Jake is incredible. So much gratitude 🙏 💜


Amazing! I felt at peace. ❤️


Really good - so good I hardly slept last night - is that as a result of the clearing?


Hi Jake


Thank you for everything you do. I truly appreciate your work and am so grateful it is affordable. It's much appreciated. 🙏


My experience the other night doing the energy field cleanse  was extraordinary.  


A few weeks before the clearing I woke in the night time with a feeling of something inserting itself into my head. I could feel the attack. I knew what it was but brushed it off as an insect crawling around my hair. In the morning I searched my head again for an insect bite or something and came across nothing. 


It wasn't until we did that first clearing of entities that I felt this strong pull from the top of my head and felt the energy leaving. It was the exact some position on my head that I felt the night I woke up. 


I will be using this again when needed. Thank you so much for sharing it.


Much love and respect 🙏




Good afternoon Jake,


Thank you for sending this through, I have been anticipating its arrival!


I’d have to say that this session is the most potent healing experience I’ve ever participated in. I had been feeling the global resonance that was discussed along with the intensity of the breaking of ancestral lines and although I was meditating, drumming and exercising I was feeling paralysed with anxiety and extremely lethargic. I was praying to the universe for about two weeks for a way to be able to push through these extremely deep attachments.


Bless you Jake, for my anxiety was and has completely gone since the session and feel extremely empowered.


The gratitude I have is beyond this realm, thank you for taking me home.


Feel free to use this a testimonial should you ever require the need for one.


Ps. I am also a very close friend of Nate’s and have attended one of your sessions when I lived in Sydney and was buzzing for a week after that one haha. I am living on the Gold Coast now so these zooms are a wonderful substitute. Thank you so much once again.


Wishing you and your loved ones an abundance of blessings always 🙏


Deep Energy Field Cleanse & Spirit Body Attunement

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