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The Lightning Path
Since before recorded history an elusive secret has endured throughout the ages; a mystery that has enchanted the imaginations of kings, rulers and common folk alike.
Whispers of an Elixir of Life that has the power to reverse age and even extend one's life indefinitely...
Some called it the Fountain of Eternal Youth. Others called it the Holy Grail.
Most never believed it existed, therefore they never sought it.
Of those who went in search of it, very few found it.
But some did, and became Guardians of it.
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During the Dark Ages, this secret power was withdrawn and access almost entirely removed from the surface populations.
There was concern by the Ancient Ones in those times, that those who found it would have the power to dominate others and create much chaos, division and destruction.
They saw that it needed to be guarded most carefully and released only at the right time to those who were morally suited to handle such a responsibility.
As the Cosmic Cycles begun to culminate, and humanity neared a critical point in evolution, the Guardians of the Sacred Fire; the "Fire Rite" that is referred to in the most ancient of scriptures available to the surface populations  (the Vedas) was again brought forth and made available to those who were ready to receive it.
From a hidden abode in the Himalayas the secret was released. In some areas it became known as Kriya Yoga whilst in others it became known as Neigong; referring to the Sacred Art and "Inner Work" of harnessing the most fundamental energies of life itself.
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 In 1861, the Immortal Disciple of Siddha Boganathar; Lord Babaji contacted Lahiri Mahasaya in the Himalayan Mountain Range near Ranikhet, India, and initiated him into the deathless science.
From the revived fountainhead of Kriya, Lahiri Mahasaya, many common people were initiated into the secret technique and developed extraordinary, miraculous powers; some of them transcending death itself.
The Teaching was spread to others to pass on in preparation for the Great Changes that were seen to be looming on the horizon as humanity entered a new millennium.
Due to the extraordinary evolutionary pace that it afforded practitioners, in some Teachings it became known as the Lightning Path...
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The Great Historical Changes that were seen, are here now.
Never before has it been so important for each human being on Earth to become awakened to this legendary potential that is within us all.
As a means of keeping up with accelerating planetary changes, the Guardians sponsored the release of an expedited genetic activation protocol that can be used in tandem with the existing Kriya Pranayama vital energy cultivation technique, to most rapidly bring people 'up to speed' with the cosmic time-cycles and subsequent Earth Changes.
Whereas this Inner Science was once carefully guarded and made available to only a select few, due to the present planetary situation, anyone who 'hears the call' may now receive the greatest level of support that has ever been offered, so that as many as possible can 'catch the wave' and move with the planet into the coming Golden Age that has been spoken of in almost every culture throughout time.
The Light Body must now be restored to harmoniously align with this transition.
If you feel the call and would like to join us in this journey, you can begin the process of comprehensive 3-stage energy field clearing, 3 x Masters DNA Activations and learn a Kriya Pranayama vital energy cultivation technique NOW via the access link below.
Additionally, all participants get instant access to the Pranic Fire Awakening training manual through which exacting direction is provided sufficient to get your inner River of Life; the Fountain of Youth, flowing proficiently. 
Following the initial clearings and Activations, and learning the vital energy cultivation technique you may join the online progressive group in which we continue to clear any further blockages, inhibitions and limitations that arise whilst activating higher levels of the genetic template through a process known as Direct Light Accretion.
Each and every class is progressive as we integrate the newest energies that are coming into the planet and made available to 'plug into' the energy field of those attuned to receive it. The Direct Light Transmission undertaken and assimilated during the class will further activate your DNA to ensure you are able to receive the natural Stellar Wave Infusions as things progress. 
 Through this scientific, supported, progressive way anyone can begin, continue or advance this process no matter where you are currently at; whatever energy is needed to suit your personal situation, will be provided.
Be ready to embrace change however as dramatically upgrading your Energy Body will certainly catalyze that...
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The Lightning Path
Program Details
Initial investment includes:
  • Instant access to the comprehensive 3-stage energy field clearing
  • Membership to the Lightning Path Online Portal
  • 3 x Guided Masters DNA Activation protocols (repeatable)
  • Instructional (video) guidance as to how to undertake a Kriya Pranayama vital energy cultivation technique that we apply in classes
  • Access to the Pranic Fire Awakening training manual
  • Complimentary access to the next Lightning Path Online Event
  • Access to the Deep Pranic Soaking Accelerated Light Body Restoration Advanced Group (local)
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Get Access Below:

$288 AUD

What Is Involved Ongoing?

The journey of Bioregenesis and Self Discovery is a never-ending one. This process is the greatest achievement that is humanly possible and should never be compared to a typical 'course' that you might 'complete' within 4 years or so and be handed a 'certificate'. Dedicated students may attain pranic flow and run their own class in time, however this is not an academic achievement. This capacity is attained through Actualization. You will know when you have reached this level and be able to demonstrate it; a 'telltale' sign of mastery.

Speed of progress will be determined by your own willingness to apply the program material in your life however, any challenges along the path will be effectively addressed as we proceed. If you are challenged by something, you can be sure that other people are also familiar with that challenge! We are all human, after all 

You will be in competition with no one. It is not relevant. Everyone is 'where they are at' in this self-determining process of transmutation that some have called Inner Alchemy. This is not a religious practise; it is simply a process of self-restoration. Progress occurs not by adherence to external 'rules' but by becoming aware of what allows you to feel better essentially, and aligning your choices with that.

At the beginning of the class we address any current challenge; discussing it so that clarity can arise relating to causation and then clearing any corresponding energetic blockage at the core genetic template level. One finds that following this process any associated psychological inhibition soon after dissolves as the energy field and corresponding reality manifestation is mastered.

Classes & Support

Lightning Path Online classes are run progressively and at suitable time periods (depending on what is occurring on the planetary level) but generally every couple of months or so. The online class involves discussion and specific clearing of blockages relating to arising challenges followed by a 45 minute Distant Energy Healing & Activation Transmission. Online class duration is 2-3 hours and the investment for this class is $108 AUD.

Sincere participants who are local also have the option to join the 'in person' class which runs every couple of months also; alternating with the online class. This class is the 'Power Class' in which focus is in Deep Integration for the awakening of the Pranic 'Golden Bridge' Flow. It takes dedicated practise to achieve this level of Light Body restoration however each person on this program (with access to the Pranic Fire Awakening material) will know exactly what to do to achieve success; it is only a matter of consistent application.
The local (Sydney) class runs for 3 hours from 1-4pm on the Sunday. Deep Pranic Soaking Energy Transmission for meridian melting and accelerated Light Body restoration: 75-90 mins. Contribution is $150.

During either class, participants may ask any question and get a distinctive answer as well as discussing it as a group for greater comprehension. In person you are of course present and visible and can voice your query or contribution however online you have the option to 'turn on your mic' and voice a question, write your question or comment in the chat text publicly or privately or participate with anonymity if you prefer.
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Get Access Below:

$288 AUD

Common Queries
Q. "I am new to this and know nothing about it. Is this class too advanced for me?"
A. When we are first born, we must learn to move our body. Lying on our back and swinging around arms and legs is all we can do right away. Yet we are learning about movement  'from day 1'. We learn to crawl, and within a year or two to stand up and eventually to walk. It is all a natural process. Likewise, there are different stages of learning to command your energy. At first learning to sense it is important. You will likely achieve that in the first class as it is facilitated. Then we learn to cultivate it.
With energy cultivation higher thresholds are achieved until, liken to water reaching the boiling point, you will feel your Energy Body meridians melting together in preparation to open up your channel or what is called your Central Vertical Current. Once this "Golden Bridge" stage is reached, you will be able to channel prana along your sushumna channel and into the brain. This is when things really 'take off'.
This is all a process. It doesn't matter where you are at in that process; what matters is that you make a start and move forward toward the goal consistently. Once your pranic fire is awakened and the River of Light is flowing inside you, 'the sky' is NOT the limit. There is no limit.
Q. "I am a very busy person; will I have time to undertake this practise?"
A. Many people logically believe that by adding the things they believe will make them happy to their life, they will thereby be happy. If you have been adding things to your life in such a way (thereby becoming busier and busier), a pertinent question to honestly ask yourself is:
Are you happy with your life as it currently is?
If you are happy then likely not much needs to change. If you are not entirely happy or content; if you are suffering in some way, then a paradigm change is likely needed.
Whereas you might see your time is your greatest asset, it is also important (in relation to the above question) that we consider the quality of our time or experience. You could have 'all the time in the world' but if you are suffering through it, what is the point?
Often times, we suffer through our days and experiences not because of the content of the experience but because we are experiencing stress. Stress arrises mostly because we do not have enough energy to meet the situational demands (we are tired/exhausted) or because we do not know how to handle what is arising in our life effectively.
This practise will fundamentally give you the following benefits:
- More energy
- Reduced stress
- A more capable mind
It will also give you a lot more than that.
With the above considerations in mind, the intial question could be reframed to this:
'Can I see any good reasons why I should make time for this practise'?
In short, this practise is the greatest investment you could ever make with your time. It will 'pay off' more than you can imagine and you only need to be progressive with it to benefit. If you are presently not practising, 10 minutes per day is a great advancement.
If you are more advanced, and finding it difficult to find more time, you can deepen your practise, through increasing the quality of your focus. We discuss how to achieve this in the Online and Local Classes.
"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished"
Lao Tzu  
Q. "I don't believe in this stuff; will it still work on me?"
A. Good question. It is important to understand that each person ultimately has sovereignty over their own energy field and body, though some don't realize that. Whether we are aware of it or not, everyone has an Energy Body. For many of us our sensitivity has just become so dulled that we have 'lost touch' with that subtle aspect of our anatomy. It is still there however and we can not function without it; anymore than an atom could function without the subatomic waves and particles that form it.
You are the one who has direct control over your mind. That is very powerful. Some people have attained high levels of power with commanding their own energy to the extent that they can influence others with it. This requires (for the most part) willing participation however. In Martial Arts applications it has been shown many times that one's personal will overrides any energetic intent of another.
Now it should be made clear here that the above examples do not relate to what we are doing in this program. The examples are given as a reminder that your power is ultimately within YOU. Your mental position can 'block' external influences if that is what you want to achieve. Why you would want to block out the restoration of your own system is a perplexing contemplation. If you participate in these classes with a mental position of openness to benefit from the result, you will do so.
Additionally we are not focused on controlling others in this practise. Quite the opposite; we are focused on gaining control of our self; our mind; our energy; our body. If you want to control others, this practise is not for you.
Q. "Can I heal myself of disease and physical dysfunction through this practise?"
A. Yes it's possible. Again it comes down to your level of commitment to the practise and also your willingness to let go of behaviour that supports the existence of the ailment. With regards to disease, this is something that your body manifests to let you know that something is out of balance or misaligned with Natural Law.  Your body is always naturally trying to return to homeostasis. If it is not able to do that, this will be because of your lifestyle choices. You can change them. But you have to know which behaviours are 'behind it'. A lot of these behaviours or 'misalignments' are covered in the Elemental Balancing program.
It is true that we may have certain genetic weaknesses or a pre-existing susceptibility for disease however this could be seen as not a 'curse' that we are victimized by but a blessing that encourages us to work it out. The truth that modern science is indicating to us (epigenetics) is that our genetic expression is pliable. Our body responds to our choices. If it is manifesting disease or dysfunction, we have the option to change our choices to support our healing and restoration.
What we are doing in these classes is as the core of this regenerative process and you will get a very good understanding of how the healing process works as we proceed.
Q. "I've done a lot of bad things in my past; will this affect my ability to advance?"
 A. Firstly, this is not a religious organisation that believes in 'sin and retribution'. We are not attached to beliefs in this practise whether they be; religious, cultural, traditional, learned through education or even 'science'. We are simply focused on discovering what is true, specifically; what enables the mind-body system to function more effectively.
What is quite evident as one becomes more sensitive to their energy field, is that when we judge ourselves or others, this immediately lowers our vibration. What can also be discovered relatively quickly, is that conflict, argument, resistance, the will to dominate or harm others; all of these behaviours also lower our vibration. Naturally, we let go of these behaviours if not for 'moral' reasons, for self-serving reasons; we set ourselves free thereby.
This practise is an ongoing 'practical' subjective science through which you get immediate biofeedback regarding what allows you to advance. It is not so much about opinions or contemporary (or historical) beliefs rather it is about accurately perceiving reality and discerning truth via experiential feedback and realisation.
Let go of your past therefore and simply pay attention to how you are feeling. Many of our 'lower' mood states are related to our beliefs. We can change those and set ourselves free from the mental cage that we have been living in. This enables us to advance more rapidly.
If you want to be 'judged' there are places you can go for that however, these classes are not one of them. We are focused on attaining higher freedom.
“Forget the past. The vanished lives of all men are dark with many shames. Human conduct is ever unreliable until anchored in the Divine. Everything in future will improve if you are making a spiritual effort now.”
Swami Sri Yukteswar Giri
Q. "Will it take a long time to become good at this practise?"
A. Dualities such as 'good and bad'; 'better and worse'; 'winning and losing'; 'like and dislike' (etc) all begin to fade as we advance in this practise. One's mind continually expands until those perceptions are obsolete. 'Good' is a relative perception as if we place our position of observation upon a pole for example that extends infinitely in both directions, how far along the pole would we need to travel to go 'a long way'?
What we are left with, is simply where we are currently at and are we moving forward or backward? How intensely we engage the practise will determine how fast we advance. You may find however, that if you are consistent with the classes; this alone will be enough to stimulate a consistent and progressive movement forward. If you engage your own practise outside of classes this process will be accelerated consistent with the time you allocate to it (in addition to the quality of focus during that time).
With consistency of practise, you will find a definite advancement from week to week. If you are inconsistent, you will find that you slip back. This experience is valuable as it enables us to realise that we get out of it what we put in.
Q. "Will I develop psychic powers if I engage this practise?"
A. For many people starting off on this journey, the idea of developing psychic powers (such as reading others minds; seeing into distant locations without physically being there; knowing future events before they arise etc) is a seductive one. Additionally people who have read books like Autobiography of a Yogi or Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East learn of far more advanced powers that can be attained through this practise and are inspired by that.
Though this potential may be inspiring, it is a little like a baby being focused on learning to pole vault before they learn to crawl. The reality is, that most of us have a lot of personal healing to undertake first. The Inner Alchemy stage that proceeds the Golden Bridge stage is necessary before any more advanced 'features' will become available to you.
Wouldn't it be nice to have a comfortable body with no aches and pains; an abundance of energy; unstoppable motivation; vibrant health and an inspired clear and highly functional mind? These initial benefits will come well before any advanced powers and these things will be more significant in improving your quality of life than any 'special powers'.
It is wise to let go of the need to seek power or impress others and simply focus on that which is needed to advance most efficiently. That way things will take on a natural time flow that may result in the attainment of advanced abilities. Just don't rush to achieve that or it may slow down your overall progress.
Q. "Is it really possible to transcend death through this practise?"
A. The highest levels of attainment are theoretically possible for anyone. It is only a matter of how willing you are to apply the techniques. As Sadhguru mentions however (previously linked), it is best to focus on things that are currently most relevant. First personal healing and the restoration of the Light Body is needed.
As you advance you will naturally find that your 'Astral' Energy Body consciously separates from the physical with increasing consistency. Once you have this 'out-of-body experience' you will become aware that death is an illusion and that 'you' exist outside your physical body. This will allow you to let go of any fear around the concept of death which will release an enormous burden and replace it with joy and a sense of light-hearted freedom.
There are people (such as those reported in the Tibetan Rainbow Body process) who have transmuted their physical body entirely into light and also Masters such as those mentioned in Paramahansa Yogananda's Autobiography who have recreated their physical body following their 'death' however these final stages of mastery are far from relevant to what we are seeking to achieve in these classes.
We are looking to achieve the foundational Energy/Light Body and River of Life restoration through which prana can be channeled toward whatever focus, whether that be:
  • The healing and restoration of the physical body
  • Enhancing abundance and manifestation power
  • Overcoming character flaws and refining your personality
  • Opening your 'third eye' to receive clear soul-vision insights
  • Enhancing your physical strength, endurance and reaction speed
  • Elevating your sexual endurance and performance
  • Building magnetic attraction and radiance
  • Reversing your biological age
  • Developing genius inspiration
  • Assisting to heal other people
  • and many other things...
All of these things would be achieved a long way prior to any 'final stage' attainments so it is best to focus on what is 'within reach'
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Get Access Below:

$288 AUD

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