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The Olympian Program is purely experiential-based. There is no 'information' or study material that one requires to read. The information is found within oneself and in the day-to-day experiences of life.

There has been an ancient tradition since pre-recorded history wherein Masters 'Pass on the Torch' to those whom feel drawn to take it up.

The Torch can not be received without a sturdy pillar to hold it up. That pillar is the unshakeable foundation of elemental mastery and the corresponding mental and emotional mastery that is attained with that.

The Flame can not be blown out. The gales of life must pass through the master without disturbance, that the Inner Flame remain bright even in the face of extreme adversity.


One must be willing to overcome all selfish limitations and dedicate their life to the service of humanities highest good. The heart must be pure to receive the Torch.


The Flame can and will, ignite the deeper purpose of those around them.

One can not apply for this program. Your life is the application. You will be called when you are ready...

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