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THE BODY REGENESIS TRAINING COURSE provides deep insights into the correct function of the human body and specifically how to identify and resolve pain and dysfunction issues commonly found within the musculoskeletal structure of the general population.


The course includes:


  • Membership to the Body Regenesis Training Portal assessible via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone

  • The Body Regenesis Training Manual detailing common musculoskeletal dysfunctions, their deeper causation, uncommon knowledge and specifically what is required to effectively resolve the issue and restore function

  • The Body Regenesis Testing Manual detailing the 16 recommended tests to identify where someone is at with their structural strength, alignment and functional ROM

  • The Body Regenesis Testing Sheet (pairs with Testing Manual) for assessment recording and analysis

  • Over 120  Instructional video tutorials including specific exercises, valuable technique tips and step like progressions and regressions for each exercise as well as various stretches to target every area of the body

  • Complimentary access to the next Body Regenesis Fitness Workshop where you can assimilate the knowledge more completely and share your ideas with others on the course

  • Gain certification requirements for becoming a qualified Body Regenesis Instructor

  • Learn more about our Mind Regenesis and Energy Regenesis courses through which you can become a fully qualified REGENESIS Holistic Wellbeing Healing Facilitator


For anyone who desires to truly align their body with its highest functional performance potential, this course is a gold mine of opportunities.


For people working within the health and fitness industries, this knowledge will give you innumerable keys in relation to resolving your client's issues and helping them to develop their highest potential.


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