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THE ELEMENTAL BALANCING PROGRAM is a concise, structured protocol through which an individualized progressive plan can be implemented at your own pace to advance your life in a holistic way.


By learning how to manage your energy effectively, you can manage your entire life effectively and remain healthy, focused and vibrant consistently.


The program addresses:


- Earth Element, Physical Aspects

- Water Element, Emotional & Biochemical

- Fire Element, Mental & Neurological

- Air Element: Subtle Energetic Aspects

- Ethereal Elements


By filling out the check lists at the end of each section, this self-applied program makes it easy to identify what is most relevant for you and thereby, obtain your most effective focus.


If you are a person who likes to self-manage whilst expanding your self-knowledge this program will be of great support.


Program includes:


- Training manual / knowledge content in written form

- Checklists & Questionnaries to personalise the program

- 9 Presentation Recordings covering the 5 main sections of the program






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