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THE GOLDEN DNA ACTIVATION includes a guided series of 6 webinars. 3 webinars are focused upon the delivery of higher knowledge through which one may regenerate their system to embody the natural expression of Divine Potential. The other 3 webinars contain the guided process of genetic activation, utilizing the Codes of AH to bioresonate your DNA back into that functional potential through which the miraculous life becomes a possibility.


The advanced knowledge contained within this series takes many years to master and bring into actualization nevertheless the Golden DNA Activations can be completed ongoing to accelerate this process.


The moment you choose to undertake this pathway of expansion, you enter a new life of potential as your wilful alignment with the greater evolutionary processes inherent to a benevolent universe become yours to download, receive and embody.


This activation should be completed after one has undertaken the Comprehensive Clearings & Masters DNA Activations within the Lightning Path Portal.


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