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The Lightning Path Online 5 Class Package includes sessions that were undertaken during the Covid-19 global drama period and thus addresses many of the stressors and traumas associated with this, addition to other universally relatable challenges.

Each class begins with a 45-60 minute tutorial detailing deep knowledge relating to the hidden mechanics of the universal design, how our body and mind connect to this and how these things intertwine to manifest as our life experience.


With the generous input of class participants many personal challenges are addressed in depth on both philosophical and energetic levels. Subconscious blockages are released on the quantum levels utilizing the Transfiguration Codes facilitating an immediate shift in energy, mind and state of being.

​Each class is broken up into 2 sections:

1) Introduction Tutorial, Energy Field Clearings & Activations

2) Energy Transmission Assimilation Meditation

If you are wanting to deepen your understanding of Self, cleanse and purify your energy body and activate your genetic potential to the next level beyond what was previously thought possible, this unique package will be an invaluable tool

Package Includes:


  • 5 x Tutorial, Clearings & Activation Classes

  • 5 x Transmission Meditation & Attunement Sessions

  • 14 hours total content

LIGHTNING PATH Online 5-Class Package

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