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In this Lightning Path Online special class, we focus upon the universally challenging issue of relationships.


The focus of the class is to transcend the tiresome 'ups & downs' that are typical of a relationship drama so that an even minded consistency can be established.


From the attained position of self-fulfilled peace and sovereignty, we are then able to offer our relationships a much greater potential that does not revolve around selfish and petty wants, needs and desires.


Attaining as such, we open the doorway to truly meaningful, loving interactions that can become a life-long connection of sustainable fulfillment.


By following the 'pathway' suggested in this class, anyone can remain true to themselves whilst enjoying the opportunites that life offers from a place of integrity, detachment, genuine care and gratitude.


This class also includes 2 x Transfiguration Codes through which the sovereign skill of Energy Field Clearing & Activation can be developed.


By cultivating this skill, it is possible to overcome all emotional reactivity and retrain the mind to remain in a state of peace and constructive focus even amidst a chaotic environment.


Included in this offer:


  • 1 x Webinar Tutorial (discussing above related content)
  • 1 x Facilitated Energy Field Clearing, Genetic Activation & Energy Transmission Meditation
  • Instructions regarding reading of Quantum Energy Signatures
  • 1 x Energy Field Cleansing, Purification & Rarefaction Code
  • 1 x Divine Code of Discipline & Multi-Dimensional Congruence


LIGHTNING PATH ONLINE Valentine's Day Special

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