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The Lumbo-Sacral Restoration Healing session involves a combination of trigger-point therapy and direct vital energy infusion to restore and activate the innate healing potential of the body.


This area of the body is involved in many different fundamental physiological processes relating to:


  • Digestion & Nutrient Extraction
  • Energy Regulation
  • Fertility and Hormonal Regulation
  • Sex Drive
  • Neurological Innervation of the Lower Body
  • Mental and Emotional Health


Therefore, all of these areas and the corresponding psycho-physiological effects relating to them are deeply impacted by this session.


This healing session is undertaken on a massage table and involves both prone (facing down) and supine (facing up) positions as the related areas of the low back, belly and pelvic area are addressed.


It is best to take some 'quiet time' following this session to allow for more sleep if need be and for the emotional body to settle.



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