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THE QUANTUM LIGHT CLEANSE is a distant energy healing session requiring no concurrent contact via technology to facilitate. The session is conducted utilising the Universal Life Force Currents to first of all; clear and absolve any energetic blockages that are draining your vitality or limiting the amount of vital force that you can currently embody (including stubborn karmic patterns that control your life experience) before 'renovating' your Energy Body; downloading higher frequencies and patterns of consciousness from your Higher Self so as to upgrade your systemtic function on all levels.


This session takes around 1 hour to complete depending upon both; how much work requires to be done and how much change your energetic system can tolerate in one session.


As the person receiving the session, all that you require to do is go into meditation at the agreed time; setting your intent to release the associated energies and being open to receive elevated frequencies that can transmute your current energetic system into a higher operational order.



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