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Attaining Planetary Liberation

+ Soul Mission Activation

Date: Sunday, 12th December

Time: 12:00pm AEDT

In the webinar we will cover....

  • The two timelines humanity is facing and how to identify which one you are aligned with

  • How to recognize the Dark Agenda and what 'their' strategy is for planetary enslavement

  • Why the Dark Ones are motivated to do what they do

  • What the Light Agenda is and the strategy being used by the Forces of Light for Planetary Liberation

  • How you fit into all of this and are needed to fulfill The Plan

  • Planetary Ascension Cycle physics

  • Specifically how to embody your Soul Mission/Purpose

  • The biggest threat 'standing in our way' and how to overcome it


At the end of the webinar we will be undertaking critical Energy Body Clearings utilizing the Transfiguration Codes to clear the highest priority blockages inhibiting soul evolution (mind control frequency fences, attachments and distractions) and then ACTIVATING the Soul Attunement Christos Realignment Resonance Code on each participant for rapid assembly of the Light Body DNA configuration in alignment with the Soul frequency inner guidance.

We will finish with a 30 minute Directed Vital Energy Transmission to bring each participant up to their highest energy holding potential in the Now and then use our collective focus / power to re-code the planetary grids at critical junctions for accelerated mass awakening and realignment of the planetary energy fields.

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