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Woman's Body Shaping Program


This program is a series of 12 live-directed exercise sessions that progressively develop the posture, shape and tone of the body.


The exercise selection is specifically designed to bring the body into musculo-skeletal harmony resulting in smooth, efficient movements that become increasingly effortless as your body develops.

This program will:

  • Straighten out postural deformations and bring your structure into perfect alignment

  • Release tension areas within the body and restore comfort and softness

  • Tighten up your waist and bum, developing spinal and pelvic stability

  • Lengthen your muscles and increase active and passive range of motion (flexibility)

  • Enhance movement coordination, balance and agility

  • Develop athletic capacity and dynamic power

  • Effectively reduce the chance of injury occurring

  • Restore gluteal function; enhancing feminine shape and tone

Because of the structured progression involved in these sessions, it is suitable for all fitness levels; simply undertake the training sessions that suit your current level of fitness.

Most of the training sessions involve only body weight exercises although there are a couple of sessions toward the end that involve light weights (such as dumbbells and a medicine ball).

You can complete these sessions either from your own home or from the gym, by following the real-time guidance on your screen.

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