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THE AT HOME Corrective Body Weight Training Series is a collection of 26 real-time follow-along exercise sessions that were recorded 'live' over the second major lock-down period in Sydney, Australia.


The sessions alternate between higher intensity, cardiovascular and functional strength training and lighter intensity, structural strength and flexibility training.

All of the sessions have a consistent theme of postural enhancement, core strengthening and musculoskeletal balancing.

These exercise sessions will help you to eliminate pain, restore your body and develop a strong and functional system that will serve you well for the rest of your life.

The sessions are also conducted at a variety of intensities and complexity providing a suitable workout for wherever your are in your health and fitness development.

Although the sessions are 'Body Weight'; in general not requiring any equipment, there are also sessions included involving dumbbells, resistance bands and a chair for those who wish to include that additional external resistance component that is supportive of developing functional strength and muscular size.

NOTICE: These sessions were recorded over ZOOM and are therefore of lower resolution quality, have a single camera angle (frontal view) and have at times interruptions (at least within the first few sessions) from the live participants. However, the exercise instruction is continuous and provides the guided framework of specifically selected exercises and cues through which any sincere participant can benefit enormously.

If you don't need the 'bells and whistles' of a high quality production, this series will serve you well.


AUD $197

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