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Do you have pain in your body? Do you have clients with pain or physical dysfunction? Would you like to know how to permanently resolve it?


This training course is an essential toolbox of knowledge for anyone working to develop the physical body, such as: Personal trainers, physios and rehabilitation therapists, or anyone else who has a physical issue that they would like to restore to full function.

It is very common, even within a professional setting, that musculoskeletal issues resulting in pain, dysfunction and limitation are addressed on a superficial, symptomatic level only to have the problem return or continue to impede development ongoing.


For an issue to be resolved, it must be addressed at the level of causation. Gaining the skills and knowledge to correctly identify and effectively address this, is the focus of this course.

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  • Membership to the Body Regenesis Training Portal assessible via your desktop, tablet or mobile phone

  • The Body Regenesis Training Manual detailing common musculoskeletal dysfunctions, their deeper causation, uncommon knowledge and specifically what is required to effectively resolve the issue and restore function

  • 50+ Exercise video tutorials covering valuable technique tips and step like progressions and regressions for each exercise

  • Complimentary access to the next Body Regenesis Fitness Workshop where you can assimilate the knowledge more completely and share your ideas with others on the course

  • Gain certification requirements for becoming a qualified Body Regenesis Instructor

  • Learn more about our Mind Regenesis and Energy Regenesis courses through which you can become a fully qualified REGENESIS holistic wellbeing healing facilitator

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Membership Investment:

$550 AUD