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The Deep Pranic Soaking class is local to Sydney, Australia. Through this Ancient Way of what is known as 'shaktipat' in the yogic tradition, participants are able to most rapidly accelerate their own Light Body regeneration; thereby their own advancement along The Path. 

Class Duration: 3 hours

Investment: $150.00 AUD

Location: City Yoga Studio - 203/127 York St

Next Class Date:

Sunday, 27th November

1 - 4pm



Deep Pranic Soaking


During the first half of this class, philosophical content related to this Practise is discussed with all and any questions answered in depth. Because this Practise is essentially related to all elements of life, a broad comprehension can take some time to arrive at however, consistent progress can be quickly made once the basics are clearly understood.

The second half of the class involves a 75 - 90 minute meditation through which the Energy Transmission is assimilated. As the Light Body regenerates, progressively higher levels of energy, health, awareness and motivation are attained.


There is no conceptual awareness that can convey this rapid expansion as one's 'point of view' changes so rapidly that a new horizon of reference is quickly attained. Through ongoing expansions of consciousness a completely new way of existence is possible facilitating a deeply rewarding and ever-interesting journey of self discovery.

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Deep Pranic Soaking
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