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The Energy Management Elemental Balancing Program focuses on stabilizing the foundational material energy sources that form the basis of the human body physicality. For any building to achieve great height without falling, the foundation must be solid. Likewise, to 'hold' higher (quantum) energy sources so that true healing and empowerment can take place, it is necessary that the elemental foundation be harnessed first.

As you achieve this, you will find your life transforming in the most remarkable way; just as a ship rises upon a high tide, so too will your entire life be elevated...


$528.00 AUD


Energy Management Elemental Balancing Program

This program provides foundational awareness relating to how your life energy is currently being invested and how you can harness this further to not only restore health and well-being, but it optimize your performance and success in all areas of life.

One thing that is consistent among all human beings, is that when our energy levels are low, our mood also drops into a lowered state; as does our ability to focus upon tasks and gets things done.

What is also true, is that as our energy rises, we feel more vibrant, more 'alive', more motivated and driven to achieve the things that we desire to achieve. The key to maintaining our energy at a heightened state and elevating it further consistently, is in a skill of Energy Cultivation.

To develop this essential life skill, we must be aware of two things:

1) What our energy leaks are, and

2) How we can build upon our energy

As we master this simple balance and bring the equation into the 'positive', the surplus elevates our entire life as we become more competent, confident, abundant and empowered.


As our personal frequency is raised we attract higher frequency people, places, things and events into our life enabling fortunate connections that bring about greater opportunities; our life moves forward more rapidly to where we desire it to be.

The Energy Management Elemental Balancing Program provides not only the knowledge but the tools to self-assess your present situation while developing a simple plan for advancement in all of the areas most relevant to you.

Program Includes:

  • Program Manual

  • Elemental Balancing Questionnaires

  • Program Focus Summary Sheets

  • 9 x Overview Instructional Webinars


+ Energetic Clearings for specific common challenges


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