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EXO 44 Ultimate Men's Workout


EXO 44 represents a composition of 30 years of exercise experience; including the most valuable and effective exercises to bring about the greatest result in a timely efficient manner. The specific selection of exercises are designed to restore musculoskeletal balance and maximize bio-mechanical efficiency whilst developing functional strength, power and cardiovascular capacity.

The training program, which takes around 60 minutes, 2 - 3 times per week, leaves 'no stone un-turned' as each and every muscle group is stimulated in the way necessary to bring about the greatest result.

What is the 'greatest result,' one may reasonably ask or even debate? There will not be agreement to this query as it depends on what your GOAL is. If your goal is to put on maximal muscle size and pose on a stage this program is not for you. If your goal is to run a marathon this program is not ideal for you. If you want to lift the biggest weights and impress everyone this program is not the one to follow.

If you want to give conscious attention to how to develop a body that is energy efficient, athletically capable, lean, toned, and strong; a body that can move with agility, dynamic control and precision, 'you've come to the right place.' The goal of this program is not to support the needs of a limited egotistical identity but to realistically develop a body that is in a perpetual state of renewal and higher refinement.


Training longevity and movement perfection is the goal; to train in such a way that your body keeps getting better as you 'age;' not embracing a limited paradigm of bodily deterioration as an accepted 'inevitability.' This program is for warriors who want to keep going; to maintain their physical form and continue to contribute ever-more-highly to a humanity in transformation.

One additional bonus to that which is described above, is that as your body becomes more refined and perfect in its function, this is reflected in your feeling state. Your internal endorphin release will continue to elevate consistent with the bodily communication that you are doing the right things.

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