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Lightning Path Online 5-Class Package

The Lightning Path Online 5 Class Package includes sessions that were undertaken during the Covid-19 global drama period and thus addresses many of the stressors and traumas associated with this, in addition to other universally relatable challenges.

Each class begins with a 45-60 minute tutorial detailing deep knowledge relating to the hidden mechanics of the universal design, how our body and mind connect to this and how these things intertwine to manifest as our life experience.


With the generous input of class participants many personal challenges are addressed in depth on both philosophical and energetic levels. Subconscious blockages are released on the quantum levels utilizing the Transfiguration Codes facilitating an immediate shift in energy, mind and state of being.

Each class is broken up into 2 sections:

1) Introduction Tutorial, Energy Field Clearings & Activations

2) Energy Transmission Assimilation Meditation

If you are wanting to deepen your understanding of Self, cleanse and purify your energy body and activate your genetic potential to the next level beyond what was previously thought possible, this unique package will be an invaluable tool

Package Includes:


  • 5 x Tutorial, Clearings & Activation Classes

  • 5 x Transmission Meditation & Attunement Sessions

  • 14 hours total content



$432.00 AUD

Q & A


Q: I am not a current Lightning Path participant, is this package still suitable for me?

A: Yes. This package is a composition of the practical Lightning Path Online classes which are available to anyone who desires to participate in them. Although these sessions contain deep philosophy not usually encountered by the general population, the benefit receivable via the classes does not require 'understanding' of all the concepts involved. All that is required is that you participate.


This is similar to having a specialized 'workout' with the guidance of an exercise expert; you don't need to understand all the muscles and movements involved to benefit, you only need to engage the workout and your body will respond favourably to this. The difference is, that we are targeting your Energy Body in this 'workout' although your entire system will reap the benefit on all levels.

You will also pick up expansive ideas that enable you to see your life in a different way; this alone is transformational. You can also return to the original Lightning Path content whenever you wish, if you would like to delve deeper.


​Q: If these classes are pre-recorded, how is it that the 'energy exercises' can work (when not done 'live')?

A: Good question. This can be a perplexing concept if you are new to quantum healing or DNA Activation. An analogy that may assist with comprehension is the following:

When you subscribe to a digital entertainment 'streaming' service such as Netflix or Disney it doesn't make a difference if you watch the new documentary / series when it first streams, as you can access it at any later point and still receive that exact same content. It is the same with any 'live' sports game or event etc. This is the way that quantum energy works; it is not bound by time; you participate 'now' no matter where in the timeline you participate.


One difference is that when you do not attend the session live you are not able to ask specific questions relating to your personal situation. What you will likely find however, is that the challenges that you are facing, others are also facing and are addressed in the classes; in addition to a lot more that you may not have been aware of or considered yet.


​Q: Can I repeat the classes again with the same effect?

A: Firstly, this question prompts contemplation relating to one of the most profound existential truths which is that not one moment in life is ever 'the same'. Every moment that we move through has been influenced by preceding moments which affect the now moment, so no; it will not be the same effect.

Many of the energy clearings and activations focus upon very deep aspects of self however, and so it is the case that we can continue to refine these elements for many years. You will likely find for example, that whereas you might view a class 'now' and then years later come back to view it again and realise something completely different even through the content is 'the same'.


When you view your life and the world differently, different aspects within your self become available to healing and transformation.

So, not the same but it remains evolutionary nonetheless.


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