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Quantum Light Cleanse 

During the Quantum Light Cleanse distant energy healing session your multi-dimensional anatomy (Light Body) is scanned for any blockages or distortions that are limiting the flow of your life current. These may include: Cords, portals, wormholes, occupants, discarnates or other energy field fragmentation that results in you losing vital force.

One by one we work through your primary energy vortices and each corresponding layer of your auric field; clearing and removing these blockages until your entire energy field is 'pristine'. Next attention moves on to karmic connections that are holding you in stagnant or 'stuck' life patterns; the release of which opens up new life opportunities and experiences.

The session is experienced as a deep shedding of the 'weight' of the past as the burden of unseen entanglements is released. Following the clearing, a 'download' from your Higher Self is facilitated to replace the removed energy with new frequencies that are most empowering to your current life situation.

Session Investment:

$250 AUD

Further Information:


It is difficult to appreciate the value of working in such a way that is invisible to the common eye. Yet Quantum Physicists do just that. What is known generally, is that the quantum wave-form of energy exists prior to the manifestation of the particle. Our consciousness can interact with that wave-form, and does throughout the day, to determine not only how our physical body will manifest (thereby our health) but also the events occurring in our life.


If we can comprehend this universal truth we can come to appreciate the value of giving conscious attention to the wave-form with specific intent to enhance the subsequent quality of particle manifestation; the outcome of which we call our 'reality'.

Many people have heard of the 'Law of Attraction' and yet few there are who understand how to scientifically use it to their advantage. Once we become aware that events in our life are not occurring 'at random' but are manifesting consistent with subtle magnetic qualities within our DNA, we have the option to change what is programmed within our DNA so that a more favorable experience manifests in our life. This session is the process of that science and knowledge in action.

By working with subtle quantum waves and vibrations, it is possible to alter the quantum state of the energy waves that form the foundations of your experience. What is encoded within your DNA (subsequently 'body') determines your specific point of attraction and thereby, what is drawn to you in the form of; people, places, things, times and events. By removing undesirable qualities within your Light Body blueprint, immediate release from undesirable life situations is possible.


Additionally, by adding certain qualities to your Light Body blueprint you can thereby attract experiences that are favorable, progressive and more beneficial to the enhancement of your life. This is what is occurring in the later part of the session, which we facilitate a download of higher consciousness and soul patterning from your Higher Self.


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