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Light-Body Coding Kit

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The Self Management Light-Body Coding Kit empowers participants with the skill of how to clear their own energy field of undesirable karmic energies, conflicted behavioural patterns and psychological and emotional disturbance.

By gaining the knowledge and skills obtained herein, you will learn:


  • How to feel and sense subtle energy

  • Detect disempowering energetic connections and presences in your own energy field

  • Isolate, activate and dissolve undesirable energies that are harming your health and draining your vitality

  • Monitor quantum changes in real time as the transmutations take place

  • Align your energy field with higher frequencies that can resonate your natural behaviour into a more impeccable divine potential

  • Clear your food sources of negative energies that have been absorbed via modern food production and handling methods

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Transfiguration Codes


Included in this program:

  • Instructional manual detailing the process of Energy Field Clearing and genetic realignment

  • 5 x Transfiguration 'Living' Light Codes (animated):

- Unique Clarity Mental Focusing Code

- Emotional Healing Code

- Karmic Disintegration Code

- Shui Liquid Crystal Healing Code

- Bhakti Code of Nutritional Healing

  • 3 x Energy Field Clearing and genetic realignment guided meditations

  • 3 x Instructional and experiential webinars in which you will learn how to apply the techniques and integrate them into a daily practice of Energy Field Sovereignty

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Further information:

We have all experienced great highs and also LOWS of our energy, mood, motivation and psychological state.

We all know what it is like to struggle through the day when we feel tired and to suffer through things that we do not want to be doing.

Everyone can also relate to feeling conflicted in general; an inward dissatisfaction with life that makes certain experiences seem like a 'chore' or even a torment if it is ongoing.

All of these relatable experiences reveal to us something.

It reveals that we have polarized energy within our mind-body system that does not serve our highest good; nor potential.

Polarized perceptions within the psychological state results in 'a house divided against itself'. It causes us to feel as if an inward battle is ensuing within our mind which manifests as resistance and antagonism to the environment and to the unavoidable processes of life.

This is 'madness' because life is going to occur as it does regardless whether we accept it or not. The question is therefore:

Do we want to suffer through what is unavoidable?


When we are fighting against life itself, not only is this arduous and draining (thereby causing non-enjoyment / suffering) but it is incredibly inefficient because our energy is fragmented into inner conflict which detracts from the otherwise potentially efficient progress of a focused and harmonized mind.

Needless to say that inner conflict is not good for your health and not good for your relationships.

You can not experience a deeply meaningful, peaceful, loving and rewarding relationship when you have inner conflict within you, as this will inevitably 'spill out' at some stage; sabotaging which could otherwise be a smooth and harmonious, consistently respectful and courteous interaction.

This training program gives you the knowledge and tools to overcome these inward limitations thereby transforming your entire life in the process.

Radiant health, loving relationships and an endlessly expanding self-potential are just a few of the benefits derived from this process however gaining the skill to take control over your feeling state and focus of mind is something that can take you anywhere.

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