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Romance: Love or Lack?

Do you have harmonious, fulfilling relationships? Or is there ongoing emotional drama and conflict? Has anyone ever explained where this comes from? Evidently, after 'God-knows' how many books have been written about this sort of thing, there is a lot to it and which could be said. In a relatively short article like this, very little can be said. I am therefore going to cut to the core of things in a concise way: Much confusion arises when observing life from a superficial view. We could endlessly circle around psychological theories; debating cultural, traditional and religious beliefs as to why 'the drama' continues and who's 'fault' it is. Yet that will never bring about a solution to the drama.

The reason that a solution will not be found in this way (debating psychological theories and beliefs and blaming each other), is because the drama arises out of something called entanglement and co-dependency. These elements of interaction occur due to our current vibrational state which is another way of saying; level of spiritual maturity.

Because spiritual maturity doesn't 'happen' through purely psychological analysis, we can not escape this reality - no matter how much reading we do - by attempting to address this through reason only.

There is a disturbing feeling associated with any emotional conflict or dissatisfaction. This feeling, although it may vary between different recognized states such as; anger, jealously, envy, bitterness, resentment etc; these all represent different 'colours' that we may experience when deviating away from the 'white light' of harmony, which is otherwise our natural organic state.

If you have experienced what it is like to be in a state of total harmony in your life, you will certainly not want to deviate from this, ever. The contrast between this aligned state and conflict is so extreme that it is polarizing as a strong preference (to remain in a state of harmony). Unfortunately, because of the amount of noise and constant commotion running through the minds of most people, this is actually a foreign state of being. True peace and contentment has never been experienced. Having never experienced genuine stillness of being, which is the foundation of peace, the majority go about their lives like a yo-yo; 'up' at times and then 'down' at other times; depending on what 'mood' they are in. Needless to say, that if this is the case - sooner or later - this inconsistency will be reflected in any 'romantic' relationship that we may have.

In short, this 'colourful' experience is occurring because of the:

Lack of completeness within our being.

Artists throughout history have utilized this intrinsic lack as an inspiration for their lyrical content:

"How can I live without you"

"You complete me"

"My heart is bleeding when your gone"


When you're young an inexperienced, this idea seems incredibly attractive:

"When I find that one person who is just perfect for me; when I find my soul-mate; then everything will be perfect; my life will be complete and I will be happy" etc.

Is this what happens though? Or is it more like a magical period of illusory 'perfection' before things get real and we begin pulling and pushing at each other to 'fulfill our needs'? Those familiar with the energies of the expectation-disappointment-blame cycle that is all too familiar within co-dependent relationships, will also be familiar with how tedious and ultimately; repulsive that can be. 'Repulsive' as a description of magnetic effect, that is; repelling; unattractive. That is if you are a person that is at least partially attuned to your soul which naturally exists in a state of freedom.

What is it that we are trying to extract from our partners? Love? Money? Company? Attention? Entertainment? Support? Fulfillment? If you believe that you can reliably meet these needs outside of yourself in the form of another person, you will not be able to escape ongoing emotional drama because the reality is that people have their own wants and needs and will not always desire to fulfill yours - potentially at the exclusion of their own.